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Production and Assembly

We have established close to ten production workshops. The machining workshop operates under a standardized management system and is outfitted with over 20 machine tools, including 10 CNC machine tools, plate shearing machines and bending machines. Also available are welding robots. Many key components, such as driving parts, are processed and assembled in the workshop. We also have many other workshops for purposes such as brick laying, ductwork installation, electrical enclosure installation production, and kiln body frame construction. The kiln body frame construction workshop is equipped with 2 OTC welding robots for automatic framework welding. Alkyd resin based enamel paint is sprayed on the framework to prevent rust and increase its visual appeal. The testing center is a fully-equipped space for spare parts quality control, such as quality inspection on mullite materials and hardness testing on transmission gears. Additionally, we have a standard warehouse spanning 3,000 square meters with a complete inventory of components needed for the production of kilns.

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