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    Zhongyao was founded in 1997, spanning approximately 100,000 square meters. We are an industry-recognized leader in industrial kilns, and a full-service company specializing in the development, design, installation, commissioning and servicing of ceramics firing kilns. We pride ourselves on the fact that Zhongyao is a public company that was initially traded in the New OTC Markets in Beijing on July 31, 2014, which is a first for any industrial kiln manufacturers in China.

Meeting Room

    The company holds meeting every month, gathering together staff from all departments and discussing new product planning, production and after-sales service.

Technical Department

    With more than 10 kiln technology researchers on staff, each of whom has over ten years of industry experience, we are able to keep up with the evolving market needs for more energy-saving, eco-friendly products.

    Designers use 3D software to design an aluminum single-bore pillow block.

    A technical analysis is performed on the entire equipment, so that products meet design requirements.

Production Planning Department

    Staff from production planning department helps customers find out the best equipment layout plan so customers can get the most out of their day-to-day production.

    Via CAD software, they help customers work out the layout plan. Staff members each have more than 5 years experience in their respective field.

    They also answer phone calls from oversea customers, providing solutions in a fast manner.

Export Department

    Staffed by nearly 10 experienced sales reps, the export department process orders and solve product-related problems for international customers. All staff members each have over 5 years of experience. They speak English, French, Russian, and other languages very fluently.

Material Sample

    High-alumina bubble brick warehouse. Bubble alumina bricks are ideal insulating refractories characterized by high compressive strength and excellent thermal shock resistance. The use of bubble alumina will greatly improve thermal efficiency.

    Mullite bricks warehouse, where the most energy-saving refractory materials are stored. Mullite bricks deliver excellent high temperature properties and thermal stock resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 1790°C. At ambient temperature, they are ideal for a wide pressure range from 70 to 260MPa.

    High-alumina perforated bricks are made from mullite bricks.

    Components for electrical enclosure, including the current transformer, voltmeter, ammeter, switch box, temperature controller, circuit breaker, digital indicator, VFD, motor, etc.

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