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Roller Kiln

    Optimized structural design pairs with advanced isojet low-flow burner nozzles, PID controller, automatic temperature adjustment, and open flame ensures minimum temperature differential across the kiln's cross section. Operating temperature: 1300℃. High quality insulating refractory materials, coupled with unique wall structure, ensures excellent insulation performance. Temperature outside the roller kiln is less than 60℃. Reduced fuel consumption.

    Air duct system makes the best use of hot flue gas for reduced energy consumption. Upon request, the air blower can comes with a VFD for automatic control.

  • Irregularly shaped ceramic rollers are used in place of conventional ceramic rollers, delivering improved thermal shock resistance and anti-oxidant properties at high temperatures. The drive system uses a variable speed motor to drive chains and 45° bevel gears, which in turn spin rollers forward, backward, or alternately forward and backward. In the high temperature firing zone, the front and rear roller rows can rotate at different speeds.

    Safety system provides a variety of alarms warning users of pressure drop, rapid cooling, over-pressure, abnormal burner flame, overheated air blower, gas valve failure, roller stoppage, breakage, and brick pile-up.

    In-house developed industrial computer and monitoring system feature powerful functionality and easy operation. Electrical control system meets CE safety standards, keeping the burner, transmission and air blower in check.

  • The cooling system layout design can be divided into several sections, rapid cooling, gentle cooling, forced air cooling, and final cooling.

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